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SmartBusiness Video

Surveillance is important to all aspects of business for safety, management and liability. You have worked hard to build a business that you are proud of, so you want and deserve, to benefit from technology that works as hard as you do to protect that business. The LightBurst SmartBusiness low-cost system is a great option to monitor and control your business for:

  1. Safety issues
  2. Security
  3. Employee productivity
  4. Energy management
  5. Liability

Stop Customer and Employee Theft

In its June 3rd, 2014 edition, the Insurance Journal stated that companies lose a minimum of 5% of their yearly revenue to employee fraud and/or blatant employee theft. Small to mid-sized businesses are the most victimized where in more than half these cases, the losses go unreturned.

SmartBusiness Solutions

LightBurst SmartBusiness solutions offer a variety of solutions for managing your business including:

  1. Motion Detection
  2. Access Control including Door Locks
  3. Remote Live View Video Surveillance
  4. Energy Controls and Monitoring
  5. Smart Energy Meters
  6. Alarm Monitoring and Notification
  7. Video Integrated Point-Of-Sale

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With LightBurst SmartBusiness, we are committed to delivering the highest quality business security solutions in the industry. Our SmartBusiness sensor devices are matched to your surveillance needs, professionally installed by a LightBurst Broadband technician, and backed by excellent LOCAL customer support. See our Hardware and Accessories section for more details.

SmartBusiness Starter Package *

    Package includes:
  • Edge Gateway
  • Motion Detection II Sensor
  • Three Door/Window Sensors
      One-Time $39 Activation Fee
      One-Time $89 Equipment Fee

    * Since most business needs are unique, we suggest working with a LightBurst SmartBusiness professional to develop a package that will best meet your special business requirements. See our Hardware and Accessories section for a list of the available sensors and devices that can be combined with the SmartBusiness Starter Package.



    Hardware and Accessories

    • Wireless Smart Lever Lock $239.00

      Lever Lock Remotely lock and unlock your doors. Receive email or text notifications when your lock opens and closes.
    • Wireless Touchpad Lock $215.00

      Smart Lock Remotely lock and unlock your doors. Receive email or text notifications when your lock opens and closes.
    • Wireless Keychain Fob $59.00

      Keychain Fob Multi-functional, sleek, and tough, this smart key fob provides control over locks, doors, and lighting.
    • Wireless Door/Window Sensors $42.00

      Window Sensor Sensors are slim and small to not detract from your home's cosmetic appeal; sensitive, reliable contacts avoid false alarms.
    • Appliance Outlet Control $35.00

      Outlet Control a lamp, appliance, or other electrical device with a simple on/off switch or dim option on your smart phone; just plug into an outlet.
    • Wireless Outdoor Power Outlet $42.00

      Outdoor Outlet Same functionality as indoor outlet, but designed with more durability; unit must remain dry from weather and water contact.
    • Motion Sensor $54.00

      Motion Sensor Indicates motion coming into a designated area; simple programming connects the sensor to the notification type you select.
    • Wireless Multi-Sensor $62.00

      Multi Sensor Captures motion, relays temperature, lighting, and humidity conditions; cover many environmental factors with one unit.
    • Flood Water Detection $59.00

      Water Sensor Designed for areas suspect to water leakage, flooding, or water overflows; if prong sensors detect liquid, you'll immediately be notified.
    • Smart Thermostat $104.00

      Thermostat Replace your current thermostat with one that provides monitoring and controlling of most heating and air conditioning units.
    • Temperature / Humidity Sensor $61.00

      Temperature Sensor Protect your home by monitoring the temperature and humidity levels throughout your house.
    • Loud Siren / Flashing Red Light $65.00

      Siren This combination of extreme sound and light is designed to get attention; it's a low-cost way to keep your home secure.
    • Live and Snapshot IP Camera $129.00

      Snapshot Camera This one megapixel live and snapshot IP camera is Wi-Fi compatible and perfect for indoor residential applications.
    • Professional Quality IP Camera $162.00

      Pro IP Camera This two megapixel indoor/outdoor commercial-quality camera by a leading manufacturer provides complete surveillance, inside or outside.
    • Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera $268.00

      Dome Camera Dome IP Camera with H.264 high profile, 1920×1080 of resolution and 30 fps, size approx. 4? x 2?. Requires CAT5 wiring and POE power local or from source.
    • IP Commercial Bullet Camera $348.00

      Bullet Camera Mini Bullet IP Camera with Infrared, 720P, 1280×720, H.264, 30 fps, True Day Night with 2 Super Flux LED (15M Range), 3.6mm Fixed Lens, 3 Axis Cable Through Bracket, 12VDC or POE, ONVIF Compliant, 2 Year Warranty
    • In-Wall Duplex Recptacle $50.00

      In-Wall Outlet The GE Z-wave Duplex Receptacle supports on/off control to floor, table light and/or small appliances. Direct replacement of standard duplex outlet with one-pass through and one controlled outlet.
    • In-Wall On/Off Switch $59.00

      Wall Switch Installing this type of wall switch gives you wireless control of on/off functions of hard-wired lights.
    • In-Wall On/Off 3-Way Kit $60.00

      3-Way Wall Switch Installing this type of wall switch gives you wireless control of on/off and dim functions of hard-wired lights and includes a dimmer and auxiliary switch.
    • In-Wall Light Dimmer $63.00

      Wall Dimmer This wall switch gives you wireless control of on/off and dim functions of hard-wired lights and includes an LED indicator light to easily locate the switch in a dark room.
    • In-Wall 3-Way Light Dimmer Kit $73.00

      3-Way Wall Dimmer Installing this type of wall switch gives you the benefits of both the light dimmer switch and the on/off 3-way switch.
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