DSL Frequently Asked Questions

What speed is right for me?

The real question is what will you and your family be doing on the Internet? How many people will be accessing it at the same time? Will you be sending emails, surfing web sites? Or will you be downloading music, watching YouTube or online gaming? The Internet offers so many different possibilities but there is much of the new technology that requires bigger bandwidth; higher download and upload speeds. LightBurst Braodband offers a solution for everyone’s needs.

How much faster is DSL than Dial-up?

LightBurst Broadband no longer offers dial-up services. In the past few years the content of the Internet has become so large that dial-up access is simply inadequate. Social Media is now the number one activity on the Internet and it is so diverse with images and video. People have come to expect almost instantaneous access to Facebook, Google Plus, Netlix and others. Perhaps a better question is “How much Bandwidth do I need?” And to answer this you need to evaluate for what purposes do you use the Internet. We generally suggest that people start at our entry level package of 6 MB download and .5 MB upload and then make adjustments to the speed when you see how that fits you and your family’s need. LightBurst Broadband never charges for making changes between different Internet speed packages.

What is the difference between Upload and Download speeds?

Download speed, sometimes call Downstream, is the speed at which you receive information from the Internet and Upload speed, or Upstream, is the speed that you send information to the Internet. If you are downloading music, videos or large data files, the faster the download speed the better. If you are playing on-line games, the upload speed becomes much more important because this is the speed that you will be sending information back to the other players. LightBurst Braodband offers a “Gamer’s Upgrade” that will add more Upstream speed to your connection at a very small cost.

Do I need special equipment for DSL?

Generally you don’t need any special equipment or software to get start enjoying DSL. There are two possible ways of connecting your computer to the Internet, either wired or wirelessly. We supply a standard DSL modem that gives you a wired connection at no additional cost. You will, however, need to insure that your computer has an ethernet adapter. Nearly all newer computers come with this adapter. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to see whether or nor your computer came with one. If not, you will need to have one installed. If you would like to connect using WiFi (wireless technology) then there is an additional charge for the Wireless Modem that we supply. However, you are free to purchase a Wireless Router from a different retailer if you choose and then connect it to the DSL modem that we supply.

Can I use my phone and DSL at the same time?

Yes, the ability to use your phone at the same time that you are also using the computer is one of the many advantages of DSL. Now you can work faster and communicate with others without interruption. No more waiting for the kids to get off the computer so you can make a call. DSL is available all the time. You never have to dial-up and wait for a connection. Just start your computer and start surfing.

dsl faq
dsl faq
dsl faq
dsl faq
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